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Sports Diplomacy News 11/11/2013 – 11/24/2013

Sports Diplomacy News

11/11/2013 – 11/24/2013

  • 11/11/2013 – The Little League World Series, an international baseball tournament created in 1947 for children between 11 and 13, is an ideal sports diplomacy vehicle. In its current iteration, winners from 8 regional areas – Europe and Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, Australia, Canada, the Carribean, Latin America, Japan and Mexico – are playing 8 teams from different states of the U.S. This event can bring together people from nations that may not usually communicate.

Read more on the Public Diplomat website

  • 11/12/2013 – The 7th Peace & Sport International Forum has gathered more than 700 delegates from 100 countries in Monaco. On the last day, the forum was closed with a historical speech from Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Sports of North Korea Son Kwang, who said that “[North Korea] will do our outmost to further develop sports in our country so that it will fully serve for improvement of the people’s health, the development of world peace and friendship with the countries in the future”.

Read more on sportsfeatures.com

  • 11/12/2013 – The fans of Moulouda Football Club Algiers are the beating heart of the nation. The club used to be a force in the war of independence against France in the early 20th century, when 4 people decided to create a football team made up of Algerians in French colonial Algeria. Nowadays, the club still plays a political role, as the Mouloudia fan club was the first to call for Mr. Bouteflika to run for a fourth term during a soccer match.

Read more on the NY Times website

  • 11/22/2013 – Dennis Rodman is planning an exhibition basketball tour in North Korea late next month. Alongside a dozen former NBA players, he will put together a basketball diplomacy event involving players from North Korea. He sees this event more as an opportunity to show people another culture rather than making a big political change. He also repeated that the reasons behind his trips to North Korea are more personal, the North Korean leader being a close friend.

Read more on CBS.com

  • 11/24/2013 – Iraq and Kuwait are trying to resume relations through cultural and artistic cooperation between the two countries. Iraqi Ambassador to Kuwait Mohammad Bahr Al-Uloom said that “Now, time has come to develop cultural, social, economic, artistic and sports relations to foster understanding and build more bridges between the two nations”. During this meeting, both sides reaffirmed the great strides made in political relations in the past two years.

Read more on the Kuwait News Agency website



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