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The association Let’s Play presents a new project

The association Let’s Play presents a new project In 2014, Let’s Play Association sets up a second edition of its project “Play in Rio”, which is to take place during the World Cup next summer. Similarly as the first edition last year, the goals are to bring sports equipment to local educators and children from … Continue reading

Sports Diplomacy: A Chinese Perspective

Sports Diplomacy: A Chinese Perspective In 2008, China became the 22nd nation to host the Olympic Games. It was the first time the old nation organized the world’s biggest sports event, welcoming more than 10,000 athletes on its soil. More than five years later, China remains at the forefront of global sport and politics. Doping … Continue reading

Football Diplomacy, Post-colonialism and Japan’s Quest for Normal State Status

Football Diplomacy, Post-colonialism and Japan’s Quest for Normal State Status Over the past decades, football has become a powerful cultural resource for representation purposes among Far East countries (especially Japan, Korea and China). This recent shift of perception is explained by the peripheral status of Asian football that prevailed for many years. Football had been … Continue reading

The Role of Sport in Transnational Peacemaking

The Role of Sport in Transnational Peacemaking Sport has been used as a tool to actively promote peace, reconciliation and development in the past few years. Several projects have been set up in the Balkans, the Middle East, West and Central Africa, Sri Lanka and South America in order to improve social relationships between divided … Continue reading

Global Diplomacy: Nation Branding and Sports Events

Global Diplomacy: Nation Branding and Sports Events In the 21st century globalized world, sports events are more and more regarded as a market in which countries can attract media interest and draw attention on the host city and the competing nations. This phenomenon of “nation branding” is aiming to increase new investments and actively promote … Continue reading

Calling a Truce: When Sports Can Make A Difference

Calling a Truce: When Sports Can Make A Difference Sports are increasingly used as a tool of reconciliation, as their influence is growing throughout the world. But when it comes to concrete diplomatic issues, one may legitimately ask what sports can really offer. On the one hand, sports have sometimes served the interests of evil … Continue reading

Sporting Revolution in Syria

Sporting Revolution in Syria In September 2012, several Syrian athletes decided to distance themselves from the current regime in their country, forming the Free Syrian Athlete’s Union. Most of them were already involved in public demonstrations against the civil war occuring in Syria, but they took a step further as they announced a restructuration of … Continue reading

Should sports and politics always mix?

Should sports and politics always mix? This article aims to give some arguments on the following debate: should sports and politics always mix? Some experts and students in sports diplomacy argue that sports should always play a role in politics. According to them, athletes together with managers and events officials should be aware and raise … Continue reading

Our society deserves a sporting chance

Our society deserves a sporting chance In a period marked by high levels of youth unemployment in many parts of Europe, Professor Grant Jarvie (University of Edimburgh) calls for the positive social contribution of sports to society overall. According to him, many studies have already shown that sports help improve the well-being and economic health … Continue reading

Opening of a New U.S. Cultural Center in China

Opening of a New U.S. Cultural Center in China Earlier this year, both American and Chinese academics and state officials, including First secretary Gregory 
D’Elia from the U.S. embassy in Beijing, celebrated the inauguration of the U.S.–China Center for Sport Culture Exchange. This partnership involves the Tianjin University and the University of Minnesota, which was … Continue reading


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