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Sports Diplomacy News 02/01/2017 – 02/28/2017

Sports Diplomacy News 02/01/2017 – 02/28/2017 02/07/2017 – The authors of this article regret the decision of the Scottish authorities to cut the sport budget. According to them, Scotland should follow the Australian example, where a sports diplomacy strategy has been set up. Sports diplomacy can give the country greater influence, a sort of soft … Continue reading

Sports Diplomacy News 11/25/2013 – 12/08/2013

Sports Diplomacy News 11/25/2013 – 12/08/2013 11/25/2013 – The qualification for the World Cup next year in Brazil is crucial in terms of nation branding. Every country is given a unique chance to promote its national image – or degrade it (take the example of France in 2010). For Cameroon, Roger Milla’s performance at the … Continue reading

Sports Diplomacy News 10/28/2013 – 11/10/2013

Sports Diplomacy News 10/28/2013 – 11/10/2013 10/28/2013 – In late October, a group of Colombian teenagers took part in a joint training session at the Anyang roller skating facility (Korea). His Excellency Jaime Cabal, Colombian Ambassador to Korea, actively supported this trip, as he considers that friendships can emerge from this kind of initiatives. Colombia … Continue reading

Sports Diplomacy News 09/16/2013 – 09/29/2013

Sports Diplomacy News 09/16/2013 – 09/29/2013 09/16/2013 – For the first time, South Korean athletes have competed in an international sporting event in the North. Weightlifters could march with their national flag when attending the inaugural ceremony. After the victory of a South Korean sportsman, the national anthem of the ROK has even been played. … Continue reading

Sports Diplomacy News 09/02/2013 – 09/15/2013

Sports Diplomacy News 09/02/2013 – 09/15/2013 09/03/2013 – As candidates of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) were running for presidency, a reaction to Russia’s anti-gay legislation from the institution was expected. Minky Worden from Human Rights Watch has called the IOC to consider human rights issues and finances equally when awarding future Olympic Games. IOC … Continue reading

Sports Diplomacy News 08/17/2013 – 09/01/2013

Sports Diplomacy News 08/17/2013 – 09/01/2013 08/20/2013 – Afghanistan faced Pakistan in the first football match between the two countries in the last 30 years. The game raised hopes that sport could help ease political tensions, but was also aimed to show Afghanistan’s return to normality after years of war and violence. One of the … Continue reading


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